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Advisory Board

The primary functions of the SDMC Advisory Board are as follows:

  • To serve as SDMC goodwill ambassadors

  • To offer advice and make non-binding recommendations to the SDMC Board of Directors

  • To recruit members who will make a support commitment with respect to matters within the areas of their experience and expertise.


The Advisory Board has a maximum of 30 members who are appointed by the SDMC Board of Directors and serve for a year or more. The SDMC Board of Directors appoints one member of the Advisory Board members as Chairman. The Advisory Board meets at least twice a year in a ministerial and advisory capacity. The Board of Directors then takes the Advisory Board's recommendations under advisement.


The Advisory Board members receive no compensation for their services, and they support the SDMC in one or more of the following ways:

  • Serve as advocates in the community for the SDMC mission and goals

  • Promote SDMC to potential and current donors and benefactors

  • Support attendance to the SMDC self-produced concerts

  • Provide an oral summary of support activities conducted within each period


David Amos

Philip G. Baker

Willie Buchanon

Guillermo Cabrera

Lena Evans

James T. Hay, M.D.

Maestro Jahja Ling

Gary McKercher

RADM John McLaughlin

Michael Morgan

Masao Nishikawa

Dr. Carlos Oliva

Teresa Oliva

Jennifer Paterson

Bennett Peji

Gloria Rassmusen

Dr. Lisa R. Shaffer

Miriam Summ

Dr. Stanley M. Wicks

Dr. Carol Williams