Founded in 1961, the San Diego Master Chorale is a 100+ voice chorus of San Diego County residents. The SD Master Chorale is a hybrid choir made up of primarily volunteer singers and a paid core of professional singers. Repertoire performed by the SD Master Chorale spans from symphonic to chamber works, sacred music to Broadway, and masterworks to contemporary choral works. 

The SD Master Chorale will be auditioning for new singers in January 2024 for the 2024-25 Season. Audition details for the 2024-25 Season will be added to this page later this summer. Please review the following Audition FAQs for information about becoming a Chorale member. Applicants for all sections, and for both Volunteer and Paid Staff Singers, are welcome. 

Audition FAQs

When are rehearsals?

Weekly rehearsals are typically held Monday evenings from 7-9:30 p.m. at First United Methodist Church in Mission Valley. There will be additional rehearsals during the week preceding each concert, and sectional rehearsals may be scheduled, as needed.

Is there a minimum age requirement to sing in the San Diego Master Chorale?

Yes, you must be 18 years or older.

By when do I need to apply for an audition?

To be considered for an audition, you will complete an Audition Request Form. Audition details for the 2024-25 Season will be added on this page later this summer.

How often are singers re-auditioned once they are a member of the Chorale?

In addition to your initial audition, all members of the Chorale are re-auditioned on a regular basis, generally every two years. An individual may also be asked to re-audition if he/she misses one or more entire concert sets.

What is the Absence Policy?

Concert week rehearsals are mandatory and the maximum number of missed rehearsals for any concert is two. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Music Director, but only with advance notice.

How much preparation is involved?

Practicing difficult or assigned passages between rehearsals is an essential duty of all singers. The Music Director may assign musical checkpoints and evaluate your individual preparedness on assigned portions of the score.

Is there a uniform?

We have two sets of concert attire, one for formal concerts and one for informal concerts.

Do San Diego Master Chorale members pay dues?

Yes, Chorale members are required to pay annual dues each year. Dues waivers are available for any singer for whom this may be a financial hardship.

As a singer, what would be my musical commitment?

The musical success of the organization depends upon your dedication to the ensemble and sense of workmanship with the scores. When a singer accepts an offer of Chorale membership, it implies a desire to collaborate with the musical staff and fellow singers in the spirit of cooperation necessary to meet the standards set by the Music Director, professional orchestras, and conductors with whom the Chorale often joins forces. Understanding that personal and professional lives pull us in many directions, we rely on singers to make their best effort to sing all performances in the concert season.

How can I audition to become a Paid Staff Singer in the Chorale?

The Chorale’s Paid Staff Singers draw upon San Diego residents who are experienced professionals or emerging, highly trained singers who are interested in singing in a choral setting and taking on a leadership role within the Chorale. If you would like to audition as a Paid Staff Singer in the Chorale, please indicate on the Audition Request Form that you are interested in auditioning as a Paid Staff Singer. Audition details for the 2024-25 Season will be added on this page later this summer.

Thank you for your interest in auditioning with the San Diego Master Chorale!

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