Thank you to everyone who supported the San Diego Master Chorale’s year-end Meet the Match campaign. Through your generosity and support, we successfully met the match and raised over $65,000!

Our sincere gratitude goes to Patricia and James Hay for stepping forward with a gift of $25,000, and offering the Meet the Match opportunity in memory of Pat & Lydia Jones. And, special thank you to our Board of Directors for extending the match to $32,000.

“The San Diego Master Chorale shaped my life for the 47 years I sang with the group and will always have my heart and soul. Each time I went on stage I knew there was nowhere else I’d rather be, nothing else I’d rather be doing, and I was filled with happiness.”

– Tricia Hay, Chorale Alumna & Chorale Historian


The following list includes donors that gave during the Meet the Match Campaign in November and December 2022.

Sharon Ackroyd
Diana Lord Adam
Julie & Chris Ames
Amilien Family Charitable Fund
Anonymous Company in 92129
George Arcaina
John Asmus
Corliss Baca
Gloria & Vance Baker, in honor of John K. Russell
Jane & Phil Baker
Marsha Bell
A. Jan Berlin, MD
Ivy & Mark Bernhardson
Walt Burenin
Cindy Burnham & Paul Nichols
Bonnie Campbell-Davis
Steve Cargill
Caterpillar Foundation
Kay Chandler
Carolyn Cohn-Morros
Bill & Deirdre Colburn
Mary Dawe, in honor of Martin Green
Erin Decker
Alice Dodd
Carla Morand Dustin
Elaine Edelman
Julia Falkowski
Joanne Fallon
Charles E. Graham
Priscilla Hall, in honor of Julie Ann Sih
David & Anita Hansen
Janice & Robert Hansen
Susan Harding
William & Darlene Lawrence Hatcher
Dr. James & Patricia Hay, in honor of Pat & Lydia Jones
Cindy Heuer
Karen Hickman
Carolyn Houghton
Frederick Jackson
James Kaufman
John Kaufman
Loydene Keith
KJ Ben Kim

Jordan Kuspa
Michael Lane, in honor of Nancy Moore Lane
Martha Leonhardt
Stacey LeVasseur & Marc Vasquez
Carlos Lewis, in honor of Singing & Music
Douglas Martin
Gilbert J. Martin Foundation
Susan Montavon
Jack & Judy Mowers
Dennis Moy
Tracy Myers
Jantina Perry
Suresh Pola
Kevin Psolka-Green
Laura Ravine
Jen Rogers & Ted Belledin
David & Meri Irwin Rogoff
Jayme Rubenstein
Russell-Zwiers Family
Rick & Lynn Russell
Peter Rutenberg
Allan & Jane Sathyadev, in honor of Malini Elizabeth Sathyadev
Ronly Schlenk
Verna Schneider
Dennis Selder
Martha J. Shaver
James Shelley & Elizabeth Cobbs
Gerald Shenk
Clinton & Cathleen Smith
SweetBay Foundation
Paula Tallal
Charlie Tengler
The Conrad Prebys Foundation
Thrivent Choice
Stanley Tillinghast
Lilia Valeeva
Helen Wagner
Libby Weber
Kevin Williams
Pamela Wong & Tim Loomis
Abertus (Bert) & Jane Zwiers

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