60th Anniversary Season Donors
July 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022

We are so thankful for the generosity of our 2021-2022 season donors! Their support directly impacts our ability to fulfill our mission and enrich the San Diego community. 

The lead sponsor for our 60th Anniversary Season is The Conrad Prebys Foundation, with both a contribution of $25,000 to support this year’s activities and a $50,000 grant to support the hiring of a full-time Executive Director next year. We are so appreciative!

Memorials & Tributes:

Anonymous Individual in 32259, in memory of Cali Bolyard
Anonymous Individual in 43212, in memory of Cali Bolyard
Jane & Phil Baker, in memory of Cali Bolyard
Ron Cytron, in gratitude to Rick Roesler
Molly Parker Tapias, in honor of Sue Jung (Chorale member 1992-2003), mother of Kathy Jung

Music Director’s Circle ($9,000+)

CA Arts & Culture Nonprofits Relief Program
City of San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture
The Conrad Prebys Foundation
Qualcomm Incorporated
Gil & Julie Ann Sih

Leadership Circle ($4,000- $8,999)

City of Carlsbad Arts & Culture Office
Pamela Wong & Tim Loomis

Benefactors ($2,000 – $3,999)

Beatitude Aesthetic Medicine
The Becker Family
The Caterpillar Foundation
The Samuel I. & John Henry Fox Foundation
Rolando & Claudia Gutiérrez
Las Patronas
Loydene Keith
Larry & Susan McIntosh
Gilbert J. Martin Foundation
The Ellen & Hal Meier Fund
Nancy Moore
Verna Suttmiller Schneider

Associates ($1,000 – $1,999)

Anonymous Individual in 92058
Anonymous Individual in 91913
K. Andrew Achterkirchen
RDML Christopher & Julie Ames, USN ret.
Ivy & Mark Bernhardson
Stephen & Theresa Coggeshall
Charles E. Graham
Priscilla Hall
Drs. Janice & Matt Kurth
Douglas & Susan McLeod

Edna & Dan Maneval
Sue Marberry & Kay Chandler
Pratt Memorial Fund
Lynn & Rick Russell
Peter Rutenberg
Paula Tallal
Thrivent Financial
Jeff & Christel Wallin
Sibley (Sam) & Susan A. Ward

Patrons ($500 – $999)

Anonymous (1)
Caterpillar Foundation
Cindy Burnham & Paul Nichols
Anonymous Individual (Untraceable)
Jane & Phil Baker
Bill & Shirley Burch Charitable Fund
Community Service Assn of the San Diego Unified School District
Ron Cytron
Dr. James & Patricia Hay
Dennis Moy
Kevin Psolka-Green & Emily Ho
Robert Young

Fans ($200 – $499)

Amazon Smile
Anonymous Individual in 43212
Susan Batt
Cindy Burnham & Paul Nichols
Anne Capdeville
Deirdre Colburn
Sandra Dodge
David & Anita Hansen
Carolyn & Bill Houghton
Laura Ravine
David & Meri Irwin Rogoff
Suresh Pola

Friends ($25-$199)

Anonymous Company in 92129
Anonymous Company in 92130
Anonymous Individual in 32259
Anonymous Individual in 92111
Anonymous Individual in 92124
Sharon Ackroyd
Corliss Baca
Ann Baltes
Steve Cargill
Debbie Case
Malena Copeland
Scott Crawity
Annette Gussmack
Elaine Edelman
Julia Falkowski & Robert Taylor
William & Joanne Fallon
Christa Folkers
Rosamaria Gómez-Amaro

Dr. Charles Graham
William & Darlene Hatcher
Tomoko Hayashi
David Johnson
Michelle LeGrandeur
Carlos Lewis
Krissy Meckel-Parker
Varinda Missett
Rita Morris
Julie Myers
John Osmundson
Paradise Landscaping & Tree Trimming
Gary Payne
David M. Petrou
Lynne Ramsay
Donna Shannon Johnson
John Shaver
Lynn L. Viall
Ellen & Robert Weller

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San Diego, CA 92108
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